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Course For Tobacco is your ultimate solution to providing individuals with a meaningful Tobacco Awareness Class that offers both a low price and a rapid turnaround. Learn more about the many benefits of our program below:

Low cost

Course For Tobacco is your gateway to the lowest priced online Tobacco Awareness Class available. If any student finds an online Tobacco Awareness Class for a lower price, we'll beat it!

Meaningful content

Our curricula is written by certified, credentialed, and approved instructors with experience in the specific course subject matter. All essential topics are covered in the content of our programs.

Fast turnaround

Certificates are issued immediately upon course completion and can be emailed directly to your office. Click here to create a profile to ensure that you receive all student certificates.

Management expertise

Our management team has over 30 years of combined experience in education and online learning applications.

Superb accessibility

Our Tobacco Awareness Class can be taken completely online, start to finish, and remains available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students can also comfortably take our Tobacco Awareness Class from nearly any device that can access the internet; this includes smart phones, tablets, and laptop/desktop computers.

Monitor student progress

Our Partner Dashboard provides you the ability to monitor where students are in the process of completing a course and directly access documents such as enrollment verification letters and certificates of completion. Click here to create a profile and gain access to your Partner Dashboard.